August 5, 2021

Another student success! One of my students took the exam on Tuesday and just found out that she passed. I shed a happy tear on her behalf. I am happy to have spent this summer working with many students who are second-time and third-time NCLEX test-takers. They have studied hard and applied themselves to their studies in order to pass the exam this time around.

My best advice to nursing instructors is to encourage your students, and also help them to learn how to approach NCLEX-style questions. It can be so helpful for students to go into the exam with confidence in themselves, and understand how to break down the questions. Students whose confidence has been shaken in nursing school are more likely to doubt themselves during the exam, so it is important to give them encouragement as well as constructive feedback on their learning.

My best advice to students is to make flash cards (or use whatever other memorization techniques you find helpful.) The NCLEX questions expect you to be able to apply your knowledge, but it starts with knowing the meds, lab values and diseases. There is no shortcut except to memorize! My other piece of advice is to work with an experienced NCLEX tutor to develop a personalized study plan and focus on the specific areas that need attention.