Sample Study Plan

Sample Study Plan for Nursing Graduates


Test date_____________


Practice exam date________________


Practice exam score________________


Base your study plan on the areas that your practice exam results have identified as weak areas (Kaplan, UWorld, etc)


Areas for improvement: (example only)- med surg, pharmacology, infection control, OB and peds


Study Sessions (Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions per week for 1 hour each for the final semester of school)

Day of Week:



If you’ve already graduated and are taking the exam in one month, aim for at least 10- 15 hours of studying per week


When completing practice questions, take notes on the rationales for any questions you got wrong. and review these between sessions. You can do this with old fashioned paper flashcards or online flashcard apps. This review is key!


Sample Study Schedule:


1) Week 1- Med Surgical

a.              Session 1: Cardiac, Oncology

b.              Session 2: Oncology, Neuro

c.               Session 3: Neuro, Care and Comfort


2) Week 2- Pharmacology, Infection Control

a.     Pharmacology (cardiac, anemia, blood clots)

b.     Pharmacology and infection control

c.      Infection control


3) Week 3 – OB and Peds

a.     OB

b.     OB and Peds

c.      Peds