Student Feedback

"Today we reviewed more prioritization and delegation questions that we were unable to finish on Monday. Then we started into psychiatric and mental health pharmacology. Pharmacology is my weakest point, but she has pointed out the main things to think about with meds and it has really helped me. I am doing better with each session and I am getting a lot out of our sessions. Even when I miss questions she is encouraging and helps me break down why I chose that answer and why is was wrong.

"Today's session was a confidence booster for me. I am finally able to look at questions and break them down by the content that I know and come to a rationale answer, instead of just guessing. It is a good feeling to know my hard work is paying off. Lisa is very good at not giving me too many details on my wrong answer but rather focusing on why my answer wasn't right and why the right answer is. She keeps it simple and clear, which makes it easier to remember. Looking forward to our next session!"

"This session really surprised me because I normally do really bad with the topic we discussed, however I did really well today. I really like how she speaks and reads questions. She makes everything much simpler and easier to understand. As well as she is encouraging when I get things wrong. Another good session. "

"I really like how much knowledge my tutor has. She doesn't show any judgment for wrong answers or lack of knowledge in any areas, which is crucial for me to learn new things. She covered key things when necessary and didn't go into lengthy explanations. I liked my first session and am looking forward to my next one. "

"She was great and I look forward to meeting with her for my tutoring sessions. I love that she explain the rationales and as to what the question is really asking and I also like that she keeps me in the loop as far as the plan for our tutoring sessions. "

"Another really good session that has boosted my confidence for the NCLEX. We covered pediatric topics, which is one of my best areas!"

"Although she had mentioned they were having connection difficulties due to a storm the other night, I am thankful we were able to work on more questions on this last tutor session! She was able to give me a lot of helpful study tips

as well! I'm so grateful!"

The session was great! Lisa is very informative and knowledgeable and friendly. I always learn something new after our sessions.